Leah Grosjean is an artist of many trades, including acting, content creation, and wellness advocacy. East coast bred, she has the grit to do it all and do it well. She received her BFA in Commercial Dance in 2019 and has directed her focus from storytelling through movement to storytelling through film. Her philosophy behind her creativity is her drive to be not just one thing, but a million things all at once. Her credits include starring in several short films including Lea Raud’s “We Can Be Heroes” and Scott Tinkham’s “Father’s Care,” choreographing a music video for Transviolet entitled “Nightvision,” dancing in Cat Cogliandro’s catastrophe! company in various performances such as Carnival, the Edge Performing Arts Showcase, and Club Jeté, dancing in music videos including “Civil War Mix” choreographed by Giana Forgione and Duelle’s “Louder” music video. Leah also runs her blogging platform on http://oktodayblog.com where she dives deep into a variety of topics, using her unique voice to impact and connect with her readers on a deeper level, whilst currently becoming a holistic wellness coach at IIN.

Height: 5'4"

Hair Color: Dirty Blonde

Eye Color: Green


Location: Los Angeles, CA (willing to travel)

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